Grab & Go Studio - Kid Pack #1 (Starting at $20.00)

Kid Pack 1 includes 4 blank wood at home projects. Perfect for individual or groups. Can be customized for up to 4 kids! 


2" x 8" Name plate with wire hanger

5" x 5" x 0.5" Square stand alone wood block

3.46" x 2.56" x 4.33"  Mini birdhouse

3" x 5" Wood plaque/shield

Disposable apron(s)

Mini sponges(s)

Mod Podge

Name stencil for name plate

Name stencil for block

Initial stencil for plaque (one letter)

Initial stencil for birdhouse roof (one letter)

Transfer tape for stencils

Choice of 3 paint pack colors:

Pack A - Princess Color scheme Belle Yellow, Aurora Pink and Arendale Blue

Pack B - Superhero Color scheme Spiderman Red, Captain America Blue and Hulk Green

Pack C - Finding Nemo Color scheme Nemo Orange, Mr.Ray Blue, Darla Purple

Grab & Go Studio - Kid Pack #1 (Starting at $20.00)

  • 1. Tell us how many people will be completing this project pack. This helps us provide just the right amount of materials.

    2. Pick your color scheme(s). The price will adjust if you want to purchase more than one scheme.

    3. Give us the name(s) and inital(s) for the stencils. 

    4. Place your order! That simple.