DIY: Stocking Holder (Personalization available) (starting at 40.00)

Stocking holder boards come in 3 designs shown.


Stocking placement is measured using standard 12" stocking; at 1 hook per side, per foot of board chosen. You can decide to have stockings overlap once placed, or space hooks at 15" to avoid overlapping. 


It is best to bring in your stockings OR take home your hooks to place once you have your stockings available. 



a 3ft board can hold between 2 to 4 stockings at 1-2 hooks per side.

A 4ft board can hold between 4 to 6 stockings at 2-3 hooks per side.

A 5ft board can hold between 6 to 8 stockings at 3-4 hooks per side.

A 6ft board can hold bewtween 8 to 10 stockings at 4-5 hooks per side. 


It is best to measure your stockings before placing your order.

DIY: Stocking Holder (Personalization available) (starting at 40.00)

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