Notes for selecting your project & design:

  • Think of what workshop you want to register for. Are specific project size options being featured in that workshop? Be sure to chose a design that will fit with your workshop project options listed in that workshop registration details. 

  • Available project measurements are listed under each design shown. This helps identify what project(s) the design can be placed on.

  • Once you identify your size options within the workshop chosen, you will need to identify your design. Write this down as you will type this in the "Custom Design" text box when registering.


  • Some graphics are interchangeable! For example, You can select a graphic sampled on a rectangle frame for your round frame, so long as the measurements/orientation of the image is the same. 

  • New and seasonal designs are launched often, so keep an eye out!

  • Follow our Facebook page and Instagram for details!

  • Custom designs can be commissioned for a small fee. 

sample photos