Party Options at the studio

There are 2 ways to host a birthday party / private event -

Host choice event: You as the host will select up to 3 DIY projects for your guests to select from. When guests purchase their DIY project it will be from only the selection chosen by the host. 

Guest choice event: Your guests will select and purchase their own DIY project from our full DIY project catalog available. 


Children's Birthdays -

How do I reserve my child's party?

  • Make contact with Gather DIY team directly so that we can get your party date & time reserved.

  • Decide if this will be a Host Choice or Guest Choice event (see definitions above). 

  • Work with Gather DIY reservation team to coordinate the Host Choice and 

How many people can attend? 

This is best based on the project sizes, rather than the guest count. We have 4 large DIY tables, each  measuring 4ft by 6ft. We can comfortably fit up to 6 per table, totaling 24 guests; however once project sizes factor in, seating will be adjusted accordinly. For example, a party of 6 guests who all chose to make 4ft porch boards will need to be spread out to 2 tables; 3 per table. However a party of 6 who each make 15" rounds, can all fit comfortably at 1 table. 

Adult Birthdays -